Background and Profile


Herb Dhaliwal grew up in Vancouver South-Burnaby and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia in 1977, where he was active in student politics. Following his graduation and prior to entering to federal politics, Mr. Dhaliwal, with his partner Mike Olak, started a small building maintenance company that eventually expanded to employ 500 people in various enterprises. His business enterprise was also comprised of transportation and real estate development. As a student Herb did different jobs ranging from gas jockey to taxi driver. Mr. Dhaliwal’s interests include golfing, skiing, travelling, reading, running and tennis. His travels have taken him to many parts of the world.

The Honourable Herb Dhaliwal now is strategic advisor to private and public corporations in Canada, in select instances also serving as a company board member.

Personal Profile
  • Spouse :Dr. Neelu Kang Dhaliwal
  • Children: Chandraveer, Jessica, Justin and Andrea
  • Date of Birth: 1952
  • Place of Birth: Village Chiheru, Punjab, India
  • Emigrated to Canada: 1958
  • Party: Liberal Party of Canada
Current Occupational Career
  • Honorary Doctorate of Law, Panjab University, India (2001),
  • B.Com, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (1977)
  • High school, John Oliver Secondary School, Vancouver (1972)
Awards and Recognitions
  • Listed as one of the hundred most influential British Colombians of the century by Vancouver Sun
  • In recognition of his contribution, Herb Dhaliwal Sustainable Aquaculture Award was created by Canadian Aquaculture Industry in 2001
  • BMO Vancouver half marathon 2014
  • BMO Vancouver half marathon 2012
Social Work
  • United Way
  • the Canadian National Institute for the Blind
  • the India Cultural Center of Canada
  • the Orientation Adjustment Services for Immigrants Society
  • the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society
  • Ex Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
  • Ex Chair of British Columbia Hydro’s Budget and Audit Committees.
  • Life member of the India Cultural Center of Canada, located in Richmond, B.C.
  • Ex Honorary Co-Chair of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind
  • Ex Honorary Co-Chair of B.C.-Yukon Division Foundation, Vancouver, B.C and  Surrey Memorial Hospital, BC.

Herb Dhaliwal was instrumental in bringing some landmark changes which would highly unlikely be possible had he not taken any initiative in desired direction. All this was possible due to his drive for public service combined with his access to higher echelons in the decision making process, his perseverance and his ability to convince people around him. It is well recognized that without political power of the Indo-Canadian community vested in Herb Dhaliwal, these milestones were impossible to achieve.

  • First Indo-Canadian who recognized centenary of Sikhs’ arrival in Canada and spearheaded the creation of a commemorative postage stamp in the parliament of Canada to celebrate and honor 100 years of Sikhs in Canada, in conjunction with the tercentenary of the Khalsa in April 1999.
  • Opened Canadian consulate office in Chandigarh, capital of Punjab ( India) from where majority of the Indian population has immigrated to Canada.
  • Have Sikh heritage site declared in Abbortsford.
  • Played an important role in bringing New Convention Center and new Sunset Community Center Building in Vancouver.
  • Hired more younger people from Indian community in government and in parliament than ever before who worked in parliament hill, thereby encouraging youth to get more involved.
  • Major support of international affairs including foreign aid
  • Provided a great role model to Indo-Canadians who gradually became active in politics and as a result Canada has larger representation of Indo-Canadians in Canadian politics.
  • Village improvement work in punjab that is still existing today.

Another fact, hardly known to the public at large is the role played by him in bringing Winter Olympics to Canada 2010. Herb developed a very strong friendship with a member of the Olympics Bhupinder Singh that had generational attachment with Olympic committee, whom Herb was able to convince to lobby in favor of Canada to get an additional vote. Without his support, Canada would not have won that vote to get winter Olympics.