Revenue Canada Announces Tax Fairness Measures For Canadian Forces Personnel Serving In The Balkans

Ottawa, April 23, 1999…The Honourable Herb Dhaliwal, Minister of National Revenue and M.P. (Vancouver South – Burnaby), today announced that Revenue Canada’s tax fairness rules will apply to Canadian military and police personnel serving in the Balkan region.

“I want to assure DND, RCMP and other Canadian police personnel and their spouses who may have to file their income tax returns after the April 30 deadline that they will not have to pay penalties and interest charges,” Mr. Dhaliwal said.

Revenue Canada’s tax fairness provisions use a balanced, common-sense approach to assist Canadians in resolving taxation problems that arise through no fault of their own. Under the fairness rules, individuals unable to file a tax return or make payments on time because of a natural disaster or other unusual event can explain their unique circumstances to the Department and establish suitable filing or payment arrangements as soon as they are able.

“Tax fairness provisions have been invoked before, most recently during last year’s severe forest fires in Alberta and northern Ontario,” the Minister stated. “We also assisted thousands of Canadians in this way following last year’s ice storm in eastern Canada.”

The Minister said his Department is working with DND, RCMP and other Canadian police forces to explain how fairness rules may apply to their personnel. “We appreciate that many of our soldiers, police officers and their families are facing very difficult and trying times,” Mr. Dhaliwal said. “With the tax filing deadline fast approaching, we want to minimize their concerns regarding their tax obligations.”

” 26T/99